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BLESTENATION - Clay Patrick McBride(BTS)

Werdplay, Fafu and Various performing their single for their promo video at 'Southpaw', Brooklyn, New York.

rapper werdplay being filmed by clay patrick mcbride

clay patrick mcbride directs actors on set

Werdplay of Blestenation shouting into microphone

rapper werdplay holding microphone on stage
Werdplay and Fafu

Clay Patrick McBride Blestenation video shoot

Blestenation - Clay Patick McBride BTS

Clay Patrick McBride  films

Ryan 'Werdplay' Gibbs on stage
Ryan 'Werdplay' Gibbs

rapper werdplay performs on stage

Rappers performing on stage
Various and Werdplay

BLESTENATION - Clay Patrick McBride BTS


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