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I'm still exploring Los Angeles, and trips to the beach are not frequent, it being 12 miles away.

Moving here I knew I had to choose Hollywood or the beach. I chose Hollywood.

Young surfers walking into the waves

When I do go, I pack my Sony A7R3 and Sigma 150-600,

Young boys running into the waves at sunset

Remember that time you were a kid, you got to the beach and couldnt get into the ocean quick enough, lifting your legs as you hit the water..

A couple kissing on the beach whilst the world runs by

Romance blossoms as the world races by....

A surfer effortlessly cuts through the waves

I was losing light, shooting action is hard enough anyway, but the waves were coming in hard and fast !, this dude seemed to effortlessly cut through the chaos...

A surfer catching a wave and leaping off his board over the wave , Manhattan beach

Surfers are my Super Heroes.

A flock of Pelicans at sunset flying over the heads of surfers.

A flock of Pelicans at sunset flying over the heads of surfers - Manhattan beach , California.

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