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We take a trip down under to the Sydney area then Queensland and ultimately Fraser Island, camping among the creepy crawlies and within smelling distance of the dingoes.

As we were coming down Eli Creek outlet into the ocean the party alerted me of the dingoes, as they all piled into the Toyota Land Cruiser for safety I headed toward the beautifull creatures and got on my belly for the best possible angle.

Fraser Island is unique , it is the only sand island in the world with a rainforest within it. I would advise against taking your shoes off though like my fellow adventurer, there are many deadly insects. I didn't look into snake bite kits or similar anti-venom options but if I went into the rainforest again I would definitely research this.

Fraser Island tour operators took us on an adventure along the immense 75 mile long beach then into the interior rainforest , just be prepared for a bumby ride. Brian Swan from SunRover tours was the perfect guide for our 2 day excursion, he was local and very informative.

I have always wanted to see Bondi , and was quite surprised to find a very picturesque semi circular secluded beach where the headlands wrapped around it 180 degrees. I was expecting a long straight, tall condo laden landscape, but don't be fooled by its peacefull appearance, under the ocean surface lurks riptide currents which have taken the lives of even experienced lifeguards.

A classic car parked in Tamarama , Australia

I had to put the Sydney Opera house in the post. Being so close to the surface of the structure made me realise the complexity of the design. It is made up of over a million tiles and when viewed from a distance seem uniformally white, but are actually a combination of tiles in two colours: glossy white and matte cream which form a chevron pattern.

A closeup of the tiles of the Sydney Opera house

Sydney Opera house - Australia

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